Effect of feed particle size and dietary melatonin ...



Title Effect of feed particle size and dietary melatonin supplementation on gastric ulcers in swine
Author(s) H. L. Ayles, R. M. Friendship, G. A. Bubenik, R. O. Ball
Journal Canadian Journal of Animal Science
Date 1999
Volume 79
Issue 2
Start page 179
End page 185
Abstract 64 Yorkshire barrows and gilts (29.5 kg liveweight) received a finely-ground (763 µm) or a coarsely-ground (953 µm) corn [maize]-wheat diet, with or without added melatonin (5 mg/kg). One half of the pigs underwent endoscopic examination to assess the severity of stomach ulcers on days 4 and 25. Growth performance and feed consumption were monitored throughout the experiment. All pigs were slaughtered on day 28, and ulcers were assessed postmortem. Endoscopy at the beginning of the experiment found that 53% of the pigs already had some degree of ulceration. Pigs fed the fine diet had greater average daily gain and average daily feed intake than pigs fed the coarse diet (P<0.05), but particle size did not significantly affect prevalence of stomach ulcers. Melatonin supplementation increased the apparent digestibility of CP (P<0.04) and DM (P<0.08) of the diets and decreased the prevalence of ulcers (P<0.05) but did not significantly affect growth performance. Pigs that received melatonin had higher levels of melatonin (P<0.01) in most gastrointestinal tissues, with highest concentrations found in the stomach (P<0.001). Pigs that did not have ulcers had a higher concentration of melatonin in the plasma and stomach than pigs with ulcers (P<0.05).
DOI 10.4141/A98-071
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