Lipidyl pseudopteranes A-F



Title Lipidyl pseudopteranes A-F: isolation, biomimetic synthesis, and PTP1B inhibitory activity of a new class of pseudopteranoids from the Gorgonian Pseudopterogorgia acerosa
Author(s) Abhijeet S. Kate, Isabelle Aubry, Michel L. Tremblay, Russell G. Kerr
Journal Journal of Natural Products
Date 2008
Volume 71
Issue 12
Start page 1977
End page 1982
Abstract Novel lipidyl pseudopteranoids, lipidyl pseudopteranes A-F (1-6), have been isolated from the soft coral Pseudopterogorgia acerosa collected from the Bahamas. Structure elucidation of the six new compounds was based on 1D and 2D NMR data and mass spectrometry, and a biomimetic synthesis of 1 from pseudopterolide (7) was used to help establish its absolute configuration. These structures represent the first report of a pseudopterane diterpene with a fatty acid moiety. Lipidyl pseudopteranes A and D exhibited modest yet selective inhibitory activity against protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B, a promising drug target.

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