Triploid induction of Mytilus edulis using ...



Title Triploid induction of Mytilus edulis using 6-dimethylaminopurine
Author(s) J. Brake, J. Davidson, J. Davis
Journal Journal of Shellfish Research
Date 2002
Volume 21
Issue 2
Start page 503
End page 508
Abstract The induction of triploidy in Mytilus edulis, using 6-dimethylaminopurine (6-DMAP), was investigated as a potential method of providing high quality sterile product in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada. Initial results indicated induction by blocking the second polar body would require a treatment starting time of 21 min post-fertilization at 20°C. Poor yields in subsequent spawns caused a re-examination of these factors by investigating the meiotic events post-fertilization. The resulting description was used to develop a series of suitable treatment time windows for testing inducing techniques. Triploids were successfully produced with the use of 6-DMAP at various concentrations and at various times post-fertilization. The optimal investigated procedure for induction of triploidy in Mytilus edulis was the treatment of eggs at 20°C with 400 µmol/L of 6-DMAP starting at 24 min post-fertilization for a treatment time of 10 min. This treatment yielded 83.1% triploids in induced samples with a survivorship of 1.39% to the D-veliger stage. The investigated methods for producing triploid Mytilus edulis are not yet optimized to commercial levels. This work forms a basis for further work in the optimization of this technique.

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