Effects of quorum sensing on flaA transcription and ...



Title Effects of quorum sensing on flaA transcription and autoagglutination in Campylobacter jejuni
Author(s) B. H. Jeon, K. Itoh, N. Misawa, S. Ryu
Journal Microbiology and Immunology
Date 2003
Volume 47
Issue 11
Start page 833
End page 839
Abstract Some bacteria can communicate with other species of bacteria by means of autoinducer-2 (AI-2)-mediated quorum sensing. In this study, we demonstrated that AI-2-mediated quorum sensing influences the transcription of flaA, the major flagellin gene in Campylobacter jejuni. A null mutation of luxS in C. jejuni strain 81116 reduced flaA transcription (approximately 43% that of the wild-type) and induced a reduction in motility. However, the luxS mutant had the same level of total flagellin protein as the wild-type. Transmission electron microscopy showed that the flagellar structure was preserved in the luxS mutant. The agglutination capability was reduced in the mutant strain, implying that quorum sensing might be involved in the formation of surface structures of C. jejuni. These observations suggest that AI-2-mediated quorum sensing may play a role in regulation of motility and surface properties in C. jejuni.

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