Mastitis treatment decision system



Title Mastitis treatment decision system: a path for the future
Author(s) Danny Doyle
Date 2010
Institution University of Prince Edward Island
Supervisor(s) Juergen Krause
Degree earned Master of Business Administration
Place published Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Abstract Mastitis is a disease of the cow’s mammary gland system which is of great concern to dairy producers. Antibiotics are the most common treatment measure for mastitis however treatment is ineffective in eighty percent of cases. Laboratory milk diagnostic analysis has been developed to better manage mastitis treatment. Delayed availability of results from off farm labs have provided unsatisfactory outcomes for producers. This dissatisfaction has lead to an opportunity for Maritime Quality Milk to market the Mastitis Treatment Decision System which they have developed. This system is used on the farm and provides timely and accurate analytical information which assists in treatment decisions. A qualitative research study has determined dairy producer’s perception of towards mastitis and its treatment. Maritime Quality Milk must act quickly and take decisive action to protect the potential of the current Mastitis Treatment Decision System as well as future offerings.
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