Depolarization and decreased surface expression of ...



Title Depolarization and decreased surface expression of K+ channels contribute to NSAID-inhibition of intestinal restitution
Author(s) L.C. Freeman, D.F. Narvaez, A. McCoy, FBvon Stein , S. Young, K. Silver, S. Ganta, D. Koch, R. Hunter, R.F. Gilmour, J.D. Lillich
Journal Biochemical pharmacology
Volume 74
Start page 74
End page 85
Abstract Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) contribute to gastrointestinal ulcer formation by inhibiting epithelial cell migration and mucosal restitution; however, the drug-affected signaling pathways are poorly defined. We investigated whether NSAID inhibition of intestinal epithelial migration is associated with depletion of intracellular polyamines, depolarization of membrane potential (Em) and altered surface expression of K+ channels. Epithelial cell migration in response to the wounding of confluent IEC-6 and IEC-Cdx2 monolayers was reduced by indomethacin (100μM), phenylbutazone (100μM) and NS-398 (100μM) but not by SC-560 (1μM). NSAID-inhibition of intestinal cell migration was not associated with depletion of intracellular polyamines. Treatment of IEC-6 and IEC-Cdx2 cells with indomethacin, phenylbutazone and NS-398 induced significant depolarization of Em, whereas treatment with SC-560 had no effect on Em. The Em of IEC-Cdx2 cells was: −38.5±1.8mV under control conditions; −35.9±1.6mV after treatment with SC-560; −18.8±1.2mV after treatment with indomethacin; and −23.7±1.4mV after treatment with NS-398. Whereas SC-560 had no significant effects on the total cellular expression of Kv1.4 channel protein, indomethacin and NS-398 decreased not only the total cellular expression of Kv1.4, but also the cell surface expression of both Kv1.4 and Kv1.6 channel subunits in IEC-Cdx2. Both Kv1.4 and Kv1.6 channel proteins were immunoprecipitated by Kv1.4 antibody from IEC-Cdx2 lysates, indicating that these subunits co-assemble to form heteromeric Kv channels. These results suggest that NSAID inhibition of epithelial cell migration is independent of polyamine-depletion, and is associated with depolarization of Em and decreased surface expression of heteromeric Kv1 channels.
DOI 10.1016/j.bcp.2007.03.030

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