Wave emission from heterogeneities opens a way to ...



Title Wave emission from heterogeneities opens a way to controlling chaos in the heart
Author(s) A. Pumir, V. Nikolski, M. Hörning, A. Isomura, K. Agladze, K. Yoshikawa, R. Gilmour, E. Bodenschatz, V. Krinsky
Journal Physical Review Letters
Date 2007
Volume 99
Issue 20
Start page 208101
End page 208101
Abstract The effectiveness of chaos control in large systems increases with the number of control sites. We find that electric field induced wave emission from heterogeneities (WEH) in the heart gives a unique opportunity to have as many control sites as needed. The number of pacing sites grows with the amplitude of the electric field. We demonstrate that WEH has important advantages over methods used in clinics, and opens a new way to manipulate vortices in experiments, and potentially to radically improve the clinical methods of chaos control in the heart.
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