Mast cell tumor recurrence treated by "en-bloc" ...



Title Mast cell tumor recurrence treated by "en-bloc" resection and caudal superficial epigastric axial pattern flap. / Récidive de mastocytome cutané multicentrique traité par exérèse chirurgicale et lambeau cutané épigastrique caudal chez un chien
Author(s) R. Béraud, F. Ponce, G. Chanoit
Journal Pratique Médicale & Chirurgicale de l'Animal de Compagnie / Medical and Surgical Practice of Pet
Date 2005
Volume 40
Issue 4
Start page 183
End page 188
Abstract An 11-year-old female Labrador was referred for suspicion of a mast cell tumour recurrence on the right flank. A grade I mast cell tumour was completely excised at this location 6 months prior to referral. The tumour which measured 5×10 cm was firm, heterogenous, infiltrative, and ulcerated without regional lymph node involvement. Complete blood count, thoracic radiographs and abdominal ultrasonography did not show any evidence of metastasis. En-bloc resection was performed and adjusted based on histological examination of frozen sections. Cutaneous reconstruction was performed using a caudal superficial epigastic axial pattern flap. There were no postoperative complications observed. No local recurrence was observed during follow-up examinations. However, despite enteral chemotherapy (corticosteroid) and intra-tumoural injections of corticosteroids, non-controlled distant recurrences appeared. The dog was euthanized 4 months after surgery.

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