Esophageal stricture in a cougar (Puma concolor)



Title Esophageal stricture in a cougar (Puma concolor)
Author(s) M. Desmarchelier, S. Lair, A. Defarges, M. Lécuyer, I. Langlois
Journal Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine
Date 2009
Volume 40
Issue 2
Start page 328
End page 331
Abstract A 7-mo-old female cougar (Puma concolor) was presented with a 2-wk history of anorexia and a 1-wk history of regurgitation. Barium contrast esophagogram and gastroesophagoscopy revealed the presence of a segmental intraluminal esophageal stricture in the middle third of the esophagus. The stricture was potentially secondary to a previous anesthetic episode. Three endoscopic balloon dilations allowed increasing the luminal diameter to a size that enabled the cougar to eat food softened with water without any signs of discomfort or regurgitation. Two months after being discharged, the cougar was doing well, had gained weight and was eating horsemeat softened with water.
DOI 10.1638/2008-0074.1

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