Prevalence and genotypes of Giardia duodenalis in ...



Title Prevalence and genotypes of Giardia duodenalis in dairy and beef cattle in farms around Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Author(s) Fabienne D. Uehlinger, Spencer J. Greenwood, Ryan O'Handley, R. Trenton McClure, Tatjana Coklin, Brent R. Dixon, Melvin de Boer, Hester Zwiers, Herman W. Barkema
Journal Canadian Veterinary Journal
Date 2011
Volume 52
Start page 967
End page 972
Abstract Prevalence of Giardia duodenalis in dairy and beef cattle on farms around Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (Canada) was determined by analyzing feces using direct immunogluorescence antibody microscopy. Genotypes were determined by 16S-rRNZ sequencing. Fecal samples (n=182) were collected from adult cattle in dairy tie-stall, dairy free-stall, and beef herds (10 herds from each), and from calves (n=183) from 11 dairy farms. Prevalence rates were 38% and 51% in cows and calves, respectively. Giardia duodenalis was present in all dairy herds, in 9/10 beef herds and in calves from 10/11 herds examined. Prevalence rates were 40% and 41% for cows in tie- and free-stall herds, respectively, and 27% for beef cows. Zoonotic Assemblage A was found in 12.2% of calves concomitantly infected with Assemblage E. All successfully sequenced samples (114/128) from cows corresponded to Assemblage E. Giardia duodenalis is highly prevalent in cattle herds in Prince Edward Island and Assemblage A in calves is a potential public health concern.
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