Antonio Sorge



NameAntonio Sorge
PositionFaculty Member
Department(s)Sociology and Anthropology

Antonio Sorge


Education: BA, McGill University (1997); MA, Carleton University (1999); PhD, University of Calgary (2007)

Antonio (Tony) Sorge, Assistant Professor, is a sociocultural anthropologist with regional specialization in the Mediterranean and Europe. He received his PhD from the University of Calgary in 2007 on the basis of research he conducted in the central highlands of Sardinia, Italy, that examined local identities, social memory, violence, and the state. His earlier anthropological training was at Carleton University (MA 1999) and McGill University (BA 1997). Dr. Sorge’s teaching and research interests include political anthropology, agrarian society, social change, violence and honour, ethnicity and nationalism, anthropological theory, qualitative research methods, migration studies, and urbanism. He currently teaches at McMaster university.

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