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Collaborative tagging approaches for ontological metadata in adaptive e-learning systemsBateman, S.; Brooks, C.; McCalla, G.
Nondeterministic tree width of regular languagesCâmpeanu, Cezar; Salomaa, Kai
Issues and directions with educational metadataBrooks, C.; Bateman, S.; Liu, W.; McCalla, G.; Greer, J.; Gasevic, D.; Eap, T.; Richards, G.; Hammouda, K.; Shehata, S.; ,
Useful junk?Bateman, S.; Mandryk, R. L.; Gutwin, C.; Genest, A.; McDine, D.; Brooks, C.
Collaborative taggingBateman, S.
Personalized retrieval in social bookmarkingBateman, S.; Muller, M. J.; Freyne, J.
Leveraging folksonomies for ontology evolution in e-learning environmentsTorniai, C.; Jovanovic, J.; Bateman, S.; Gasevic, D.; Hatala, M.
Calibration gamesFlatla, D. R.; Gutwin, C.; Nacke, L. E.; Bateman, S.; Mandryk, R. L.
E-learning meets the social semantic WebTorniai, C.; Jovanovic, J.; Gasevic, D.; Bateman, S.; Hatala, M.
Applying collaborative tagging to e-learningBateman, S.; Brooks, C.; McCalla, G.; Brusilovsky, P.
Applying the agent metaphor to learning content management systems and learning object repositoriesBrooks, C.; Bateman, S.; McCalla, G.; Greer, J.
Interactive usability instrumentationBateman, S.; Gutwin, C.; Osgood, N.; McCalla, G.
Seeing things in the cloudsBateman, S.; Gutwin, C.; Nacenta, M.
Investigation of Targeting-Assistance Techniques for Distant Pointing with Relative Ray CastingBateman, S.; Mandryk, R.; Gutwin, C.; Xiao, R.
Why expressiveness matters in command & control visualizationsGenest, A.; Bateman, S.; Tang, A.; Scott, S.; Gutwin, C.
Using group interaction history in the wildBateman, S.
On the evolution of Linux kernelsLei , Wang; Pengzhi , Yu; Zheng , Wang; Chen , Yang; Qiang , Ye
CDS-based virtual backbone construction with guaranteed routing cost in wireless sensor networksDu, Hongwei (David); Wu, Weili; Ye, Qiang; Li, Deying; Lee, Wonjun; Xu, Xuepeng
STCDGCheng, Jie; Ye, Qiang ; Jiang, Hongbo; Wang, Dan; Wang, Chonggang
Analysis and comparison of target assistance techniques for relative ray-cast pointingBateman, S.; Mandryk, R. L.; Gutwin, C.; Xiao, R.
The search dashboardBateman, S.; Teevan, J.; White, R. W.
Distinguishability operation on regular languagesCampeanu, Cezar; Moreira, Nelma
Shuffle quotient and decompositionsCâmpeanu, C.; Salomaa, K.; Vágvölgyi, S.
The number of similarity relations and the number of minimal deterministic finite cover automataCampeanu, Cezar; Paun, Andrei
Personal visualization and personal visual analyticsHuang, D.; Tory, M.; Aseniero, B.; Bartram, L.; Bateman, S.; Carpendale, S.; Tang, A.
Target assistance for subtly balancing competitive playBateman, S.; Mandryk, R. L.; Stach, T.; Gutwin, C.
Improving player balancing in racing gamesCechanowicz, Jared E. ; Gutwin, Carl; Bateman, Scott; Mandryk, Regan; Stavness, Ian
State complexity of the subword closure operation with applications to DNA codingCâmpeanu, Cezar; Konstantinidis, Stavros
Social navigation for loosely-coupled information seeking in tightly-knit groups using WebWearBateman, Scott; Gutwin, Carl; McCalla, Gordon
Lessons learned using social and semantic web technologies for e-learningBrooks, C.; Bateman, S.; Greer, J.; McCalla, G.
Social feedbackBateman, S.
Physio@HomeTang, Richard ; Alizadeh, Hesam ; Tang, Anthony ; Bateman, Scott ; Jorge, Joaquim A.P.
The effectiveness (or lack thereof) of aim-assist techniques in first-person shooter gamesVicencio-Moriera, Rodrigo ; Mandryk, Regan L. ; Gutwin, Carl ; Bateman, Scott
Effects of view, input device, and track width on video game drivingBateman, S.; Doucette, A.; Xiao, R.; Gutwin, C.; Mandryk, R. L.; Cockburn, A.
Matrix-completion approach to mobile network localizationYe, Qiang ; Cheng, Jie ; Du, Hongwei ; Jia, Xiaohua ; Zhang, Jing
The social semantic web in intelligent learning environmentsJovanović, Jelena; Gasšević, Dragan; Torniaić, Carlo; Bateman, Scott; Hatala, Marek
Descriptional complexity in encoded blum static complexity spacesCâmpeanu, Cezar
Collective information seekingBateman, S.; Gutwin, C.; McCalla, G.; White, R. W.
OATSBateman, S.; Farzan, R.; Brusilovsky, P.; McCalla, G.
Leveraging the social semantic web in intelligent tutoring systemsJovanovic, Jelena; Torniai, C.; Gasevic, Dragan; Bateman, Scott; Hatala, Marek
Lessons learned using social and semantic web technologies for e-learningBrooks, Christopher; Bateman, Scott; Greer, Jim; McCalla, Gord
WDCSLiu, Yaning; Du, Hongwei; Ye, Qiang
Cloud-dew architectureWang, Yingwei; Pan, Yi
Cloud-dew architectureWang, Yingwei
Mining invariants in biological sequencesWang, Y.; Hale, L.; Hill, K.; Singh, S.
The initial definition of dew computingWang, Yingwei
The relationships among cloud computing, fog computing, and dew computingWang, Yingwei
TCP-oriented restoration objectives for SONET/SDH networksYe, Qiang
A formal study of practical regular expressionsCampeanu, Cezar; Salomaa, Kai; Yu, Sheng
Pattern expressions and pattern automataCampeanu, Cezar; Yu, Sheng
Sublytic complement C5b-9 complexes induce thrombospondin-1 production in rat glomerular mesangial cells via PI3-k/AktGao, Lingjuan; Qiu, Wen; Wang, Yingwei; Xu, Wenhuan; Xu, Juan; Tong, Jianxia
PrefaceCâmpeanu, Cezar; Pighizzini, Giovanni
Tight bounds for NFA to DFCA transformations for binary alphabetsCampeanu, Cezar; Paun, Andrei
Mergible states in large NFACampeanu, Cezar; Santean, Nicolae; Yu, Sheng
The complement C5b-9 complexes induced injury of glomerular mesangial cells in rats with Thy-1 nephritis by increasing nitric oxide synthesisWang, Yingwei; He, Qiuzhao; Qin, Huilian; Xu, Jinghua; Tong, Jianxia; Gao, Lingjuan; Xu, Juan
Obtaining and separation of F-18 from (H2O)-O-18; obtaining of TEP imagesCampeanu, Cezar; Racolta, P. M.; Nicolae, N.; Mihalcea, I.
An O(n2) algorithm for constructing minimal cover automata for finite languagesPuaun, Andrei; Santean, Nicolae; Yu, Sheng; Campeanu, Cezar
On the intersection of regex languages with regular languagesCâmpeanu, Cezar; Santean, Nicolae
Computing beyond the Turing limit using the H systemsCampeanu, Cezar; Puaun, Andrei
Incremental construction of minimal deterministic finite cover automataCampeanu, Cezar; Paun, Andrei; Smith, Jason R.
Regex and extended regexCampeanu, Cezar; Salomaa, K.; Yu, S.
Results on transforming NFA into DFCACampeanu, Cezar; Kari, L.; Paun, Andrei
Inhibitory effects of ligustrazine, a modulator of thromboxane-prostacycline-nitric oxide balance, on renal injury in rats with passive Heyman nephritisWang, Yingwei; Tong, Jianxia; Tang, Renxian; Dong, Hongyan; Xu, Jinghua
Counting the number of minimal DFCA obtained by merging statesCampeanu, Cezar; Paun, Andrei
Fast searches in a recommendation sessionWang, Yingwei; Cercone, N.
Using simulation to test formally verified protocols in complex environmentsYe, Qiang; MacGregor, Mike H.
Automata recognizing no wordsCalude, Cristian S.; Campeanu, Cezar; Dumitrescu, Monica
Shuffle decompositions of regular languagesCampeanu, Cezar; Salomaa, K.; Vagvolgyi, S.
An incremental algorithm for constructing minimal deterministic finite cover automataCampeanu, Cezar; Paun, Andrei; Smith, J. R.
An efficient algorithm for constructing minimal cover automata for finite languagesCampeanu, Cezar; Paun, Andrei; Yu, Sheng
State complexity of regular languagesCampeanu, Cezar; Salomaa, Kai; Yu, Sheng
Tight lower bound for the state complexity of shuffle of regular languagesCampeanu, Cezar; Salomaa, Kai; Yu, Sheng
Note on the topological structure of ramdom stringsCalude, C.; Campeanu, Cezar
Minimal cover-automata for finite languagesCampeanu, Cezar; Santean, Nicolae; Yu, S.
The spectrum of genomic signaturesWang, Yingwei; Hill, Kathleen; Singh, Shiva; Kari, Lila
Discovery of variant infectious salmon anaemia virus (ISAV) of European genotype in British Columbia, CanadaKibenge, Molly Juliet; Iwamoto, Tokinori; Wang, Yingwei; Morton, Alexandra; Routledge, Richard; Kibenge, Frederick Stephen
Virology JournalGodoy, Marcos G; Suarez, Rudy; Lazo, Eduardo S; Llegues, Katerina O; Kibenge, Molly JT; Wang, Yingwei; Kibenge, Frederick SB
Whole-genome analysis of piscine reovirus (PRV) shows PRV represents a new genus in family Reoviridae and its genome segment S1 sequences group it into two separate sub-genotypesKibenge , M.J.; Iwamoto, T.; Wang , Y.; Morton , A.; Godoy , M.G.; Kibenge , F.S.
Correlates of virulence of infectious salmon anaemia virusKibenge, Frederick S.B.; Kibenge, Molly J.T.; Wang, Yingwei; Qian, Biao; Hariharan, Shebel; McGeachy, Sandi
Virulence phenotypes of Infectious Salmon Anaemia Virus (ISAV)Kibenge, Molly T.; Wang, Yingwei; Qian, Biao; McGeachy, Sandi; Kibenge, Frederick
Infectious salmon anaemia virus (ISAV) isolated from the ISA disease outbreaks in Chile diverged from ISAV isolates from Norway around 1996 and was disseminated around 2005, based on surface glycoprotein gene sequencesKibenge, F. S.; Godoy, M. G.; Wang, Y.; Kibenge, M. J.; Gherardelli, V.; Mansilla, S.; Lisperger, A.; Jarpa, M.; Larroquete, G.; Avendano, F.; Lara, M.; Gallardo, A.
Mapping of putative virulence motifs on infectious salmon anemia virus surface glycoprotein genesKibenge, Frederick S. B.; Kibenge, Molly J. T.; Wang, Yingwei; Qian, Biao; Hariharan, Shebel; McGeachy, Sandi

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