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NameEric Richards
PositionFaculty Member

Eric Richards


Education: B.Sc. (UNB); M.A. (Manitoba); Ph.D. (Waterloo)

My research program focuses on basic attentional processes and the underlying cortical systems that support these processes. Within this broad theme, I am especially interested in: vision science, divided-attention, dual-task processing, object processing, aging, and neuroimaging. My research interests stem from a desire to better understand the relative contributions of attentional processing to featural and object processing. In addition, I aim to understand how we process visual information in more real-world-like conditions. In the real world multiple visual objects constantly bombard our visual system. These visual objects also vary in complexity, and often require us to divide our attention between objects and tasks. It is within these real-world-like contexts that I hope to uncover the degree to which aging impacts either negatively or positively on individuals’ performance.

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Research Interests

  • Basic attentional processes and the underlying cortical systems
  • Vision science
  • Divided-attention
  • Dual-task processing
  • Object processing
  • Aging, and neuroimaging
  • Aging
  • Neuroimaging
  • Basic attentional processes
  • underlying cortical systems

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