Geoffrey Lindsay



NameGeoffrey Lindsay
PositionFaculty Member
Phone(902) 566-0593
BuildingMain Building 333

Geoffrey Lindsay


Title: Associate Professor

Education: BCom., Concordia University (1977); BA, Honours, Concordia University (1981); MA, University of Toronto (1983); PhD, University of Toronto (1990)

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Research Interests

  • Contemporary American poetry
  • Robert Lowell
  • Richard Howard
  • Anthony Hecht


Anthony Hecht in Italy
  • Discretionary Grant
  • University of Prince Edward Island

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'Heirs of an humiliating splendour'Lindsay, Geoffrey
Parish of the physic moonDomanski, Don; Lindsay, Geoffrey
SunfallCooley, Dennis; Lindsay, Geoffrey
Somewhere elseRobertson, William; Lindsay, Geoffrey
Latent heatHunter, Catherine; Lindsay, Geoffrey
Variations on the birth of JacobBerzensky, Steven M.; Lindsay, Geoffrey
'Laws that stand for other laws'Lindsay, Geoffrey
Global warningsKeeney, Patricia; Lindsay, Geoffrey
26 ways out of this worldFitzgerald, Judith; Lindsay, Geoffrey
Drama and dramatic strategies in Robert Lowell's notebook 1967-68Lindsay, Geoffrey
The colour of bones in a streamBrett, Brian; Lindsay, Geoffrey
Anthony Hecht in Occupied JapanLindsay, Geoffrey
Anthony Hecht, private first classLindsay, Geoffrey
Robert Lowell's "common novel plot"Lindsay, Geoffrey
Dramatic strategies in the poetry of Robert Lowell, Richard Howard, and Anthony Hecht [microform]Lindsay, Geoffrey

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