Allometric scaling of body length



Title Allometric scaling of body length : elastic or geometric similarity in mammalian design
Author(s) Marina Silva
Journal Journal of Mammalogy
Date 1998
Volume 79
Issue 1
Start page 20
End page 32
Abstract Allometric scaling of body length was examined for 1,733 estimates of body length for a broad taxonomic and size range of mammals. Mammal species were classified by locomotion, habitat, and taxonomic relatedness. Scaling exponents found in different groups of mammals were compared to those predicted by geometric (0.333) and elastic (0.250) similitude models. The scaling exponent for the length:mass relationship 0.359 agreed better with the geometric-similitude model. However, the relationship between body length and body mass was not linear as previously postulated, and differences in the scaling exponent were found between marine and terrestrial mammals and between volant and non-volant forms. Allometric scaling of body length also varied among orders and families of mammals.

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