Effects of protein content of the host diet on the ...



Title Effects of protein content of the host diet on the development of the mermithid nematode Romanomermis culicivorax
Author(s) R. Gordon, J. M. Squires, S. J. Babie, I. R. Burford
Journal Journal of Nematology
Date 1982
Volume 12
Issue 4
Start page 222
End page 223
Abstract Newly hatched larvae of Aedes aegypti (L.) were experimentally infected with controlled numbers of Romanomermis culicivorax and reared at 27 deg C on 4 types of diet (low or high protein diets, ad libitum or restricted in quantity). The numbers of parasites emerging from the mosquitoes were significantly reduced when the protein content or the amount of available diet had been reduced, but the 2 effects were not interrelated. Studies to determine the mechanism indicated that the development of the nematodes was asynchronous in nutritionally disadvantaged hosts. When the first nematode emerged the host died, as did the parasites it still contained. The dietary restriction delayed the pupation of the hosts, so that instead of emerging from 4th-instar larvae, the nematodes emerged from 3rd- or even 2nd-instar larvae, and were consequently smaller than normal. A reduction in the food intake of the host caused a greater proportion than usual of the nematodes to develop into males, but the protein content of the host diet did not affect the sex ratio of the nematode..

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