Postnatal thyroxine status of piglets in response to ...



Title Postnatal thyroxine status of piglets in response to prenatal thyroxine infusion of the sow
Author(s) Lius A. Bate, A. Finsten, J. G. Crossley
Journal Canadian Journal of Animal Science
Date 1993
Volume 73
Issue 3
Start page 533
End page 538
Abstract Fifteen pregnant primiparous sows were infused i.v. with either 0 (T40), 25 (T425) or 50 (T450) mg thyroxine (T4)/day between days 102 and 112 of gestation. Piglets were observed for the birth to suckling interval (BTS) during the first 6 h of life. At 6 h, pre-determined piglets were subjected to a cold challenge, consisting of exposure to an environment of 5 degrees C for 2 h. Rectal and skin temperatures of piglets were recorded from birth to 8 h of life. Body weights of piglets and their plasma-T4 concentrations were measured until 4 wk of age. Infusion with T4 increased the sow's plasma-T4 levels during the entire infusion period. No postnatal differences in piglet plasma-T4 concentrations were observed as a consequence of the prenatal treatment of the sows. BTS was not influenced by treatment. Piglets of all groups had similar rectal temperatures within 2 min of birth. During cold exposure, the rectal and skin tempratures of all the piglets decreased. It can be concluded that prenatal priming of sows with T4 does not influence BTS, thermoregulatory capability or subsequent performance of piglets, probably because of low rates of transport of thyroxine across the placenta..
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