Sound stimuli to enhance ingestive behaviour of ...



Title Sound stimuli to enhance ingestive behaviour of young turkeys
Author(s) Lius A. Bate
Journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science
Date 1992
Volume 34
Issue 1-2
Start page 189
End page 194
Abstract A study was conducted to establish whether auditory stimulation in the form of pre-taped maternal vocalizations would influence initial feeding behaviour in newly hatched poults. For the purposes of the study control birds (Group C) were raised under simulated commercial conditions. Other birds were stimulated in one of two ways, either immediately after hatching birds were stimulated with maternal feeding calls emitted at the feeder (F); or prior to hatching poults were exposed to broody vocalizations and then to feeding calls after hatching (BF). Poults in Groups F and BF performed better than Group C poults. Body composition of the birds as measured at 3 weeks of age was slightly altered by treatment. The mortality rate was lowest in Group BF followed by Groups C and F. Sound stimulation enhanced feeding behaviour although this did not result in a decreased overall mortality rate. It was concluded that these data support some of the literature that suggests early mortality is not primarily caused by a failure to start feeding..

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