The prepartum sow



Title The prepartum sow: consequences of stimulation with ACTH or a synthetic glucocorticoid, with observations on the liver carbohydrate metabolism of its neonates
Author(s) Lius A. Bate, B. Grimmelt
Journal Canadian Journal of Animal Science
Date 1991
Volume 71
Issue 1
Start page 43
End page 50
Abstract On day 105 of gestation 12 pregnant sows were given isoflupredone injection, corticotropin infusion or saline infusion. Sow blood cortisol concentration increased (P<0.05) in response to corticotropin but not to isoflupredone. Blood glucose concentration remained constant in all groups. Body weight was reduced (P<0.05) in piglets born to corticotropin-treated sows but not in those treated with isoflupredone. Corticotropin reduced body:liver weight ratio in piglets and increased total phosphorylase activity. Phosphorylase activity was further increased after 6 h (P<0.05). Liver glycogen and glucose were similar in all groups at birth and only glycogen decreased after 6 h (P<0.05). It is concluded that increased cortisol through maternal stimulation with corticotropin produces a piglet which, although lighter at birth, has a lower body:liver weight ratio and a more active glycogenolytic mechanism..
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