Adenosine release and uptake in cerebellar granule ...



Title Adenosine release and uptake in cerebellar granule neurons both occur via an equilibrative nucleoside carrier that is modulated by G proteins
Author(s) Marva I. Sweeney-Nixon
Journal Journal of Neurochemistry
Date 1996
Volume 67
Issue 1
Start page 81
End page 88
Abstract These is debate about the mechanisms mediating adenosine release from neurons. In this study, the release of adenosine evoked by depolarizing cultured cerebellar granule neurons with 50 mM K+ was inhibited by 49 +/- 7% in Ca2+-free medium. The remaining release was blocked by dipyridamole (IC50 = 6.4 x 10(-8) M) and nitrobenzylthioinosine (IC50 = 3.6 x 10(-8) M), inhibitors of adenosine uptake. Ca2+-dependent release was reduced by 78 +/- 9% following a 21-h pretreatment of the cells with pertussis toxin, which ADP-ribosylates Gi/Go G proteins, thereby preventing their dissociation. The nucleoside transporter-mediated component of K+-induced adenosine release also was inhibited by 62 +/- 8% by pertussis toxin and was potentiated by 78 +/- 11% following cholera toxin treatment, which permanently activates Gs. Uptake of [3H]adenosine into cultured cerebellar granule neurons over a 10-min period was not dependent on extracellular Na+ but was reduced by dipyridamole (IC50 = 3.2 x 10(-8) M) and nitrobenzylthioinosine (IC50 = 2.6 x 10(-8) M). Thus, adenosine uptake likely occurs via the same transporter mediating Ca2+-independent adenosine release. Adenosine uptake was potentiated by cholera toxin pretreatment (152 +/- 15% of control), but pertussis toxin had no statistically significant effect. It is possible that Gs, Gi/Go, or free Gbetagamma dimer modulate the equilibrative, inhibitor-sensitive nucleoside carrier to enhance adenosine transport.
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