Chromium(III) and chromium(IV) bis(trimethylsilyl) ...



Title Chromium(III) and chromium(IV) bis(trimethylsilyl) amido complexes as ethylene polymerisation catalysts
Author(s) K. H. D. Ballem, V. Shetty, Nola Etkin, B. O. Patrick, K. M. Smith
Journal Dalton Transactions
Date 2004
Issue 21
Start page 3431
End page 3433
Abstract Oxidation of Cr[N(SiMe3)(2)](2)(THF)(2) with iodine and dicumyl peroxide results in tetrahedral Cr(IV)Cr[N(SiMe3)(2)](2)I-2 and trigonal planar Cr(III) Cr[N(SiMe3)(2)](OCMe2Ph)(2), respectively; both complexes have been characterised by single-crystal X-ray diffraction, and both are active for ethylene polymerisation with alkylaluminium co-catalysts.
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