Effect of cannulation and environmental temperature ...



Title Effect of cannulation and environmental temperature on the concentration of serum cortisol in pregnant sows
Author(s) Lius A. Bate, R. R. Hacker
Journal Canadian Journal of Animal Science
Date 1985
Volume 65
Issue 2
Start page 399
End page 404
Abstract Serum concentrations of cortisol were monitored in four sows 100 days pregnant during and after cannulation through an ear vein and thereafter for 11.5 days. During this period, the sows were exposed to the following environmental temperatures: 2 days at 18 degrees C and 3 days at 2, 18 and 32 degrees C, respectively. Serum values of cortisol increased significantly during the after cannulation, but returned to basal levels within 4 h. Serum cortisol followed a circadian rhythm when the sows were kept at 18 degrees C. This daily variation was characterized by maximum and minimum during the morning and evening, respectively. At 2 degrees C, the circadian rhythm of serum cortisol was maintained, but the daily mean levels were higher. On return to 18 degrees C, the circadian rhythm was temporarily disrupted and the mean daily value was lowered. Exposure of sows to 32 degrees C increased the daily mean value and restored the circadian rhythm but with an inverted pattern..
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