The influence of the sow's adrenal activity on the ...



Title The influence of the sow's adrenal activity on the ability of the piglet to absorb IgG from colostrum
Author(s) Lius A. Bate, R. R. Hacker
Journal Canadian Journal of Animal Science
Date 1985
Volume 65
Issue 1
Start page 77
End page 85
Abstract From day 104 to 114 after mating, 7 sows received daily intravenous infusions of ACTH at 1 IU/kg while 6 sows received daily infusions of metyrapone at a dose decreasing stepwise from 5 mg/kg on day 104 to 1 mg/kg on day 108, followed by saline until day 114. Saline was infused into 5 control sows. Piglets were separated from dams at birth and force-fed bovine colostrum at 25 ml/kg at 0.5, 2, 4 and 6 h of age. Piglets were returned to the dam and allowed to suckle freely 6 h after birth of their eldest littermate. During infusion, cortisol and corticosterone concn. in serum remained stable and similar in metyrapone-treated and control sows but increased significantly in ACTH-treated sows, whereas 11-deoxycortisol concn. increased in both ACTH and metyrapone-infused groups. Bovine IgG concn. in piglet serum peaked between 6 and 24 h of age and was higher in piglets of ACTH-treated sows than in those of controls, and still higher in piglets pf metyrapone-infused sows. Concn. of porcine IgG followed a similar pattern but with greater variability, making it impossible to differentiate the groups statistically. Birth wt. was highest for piglets of metyrapone-treated sows and lowest for those of controls; mortality rates were highest with the lightest piglets..
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