Scanning electron microscopy of the tongue papillae ...



Title Scanning electron microscopy of the tongue papillae in the pig (Sus scrofa)
Author(s) S. Kumar, Lius A. Bate
Journal Microscopy Research and Technique
Date 2004
Volume 63
Issue 5
Start page 253
End page 258
Abstract A clear understanding of the role of different papillae in the pig may permit the development of a more palatable diet, thus, better utilizing anatomical structures and morphological characteristics to enhance health and productivity in this domestic species. The study used ten healthy market-size, mixed-breed pigs to properly describe the surface structure of the tongue papillae using standard scanning electron microscopic techniques. Two types of sharp and blunt filiform papillae were identified. Fungiform papillae, located on the lateral side of the tongue, were circular and large with surface taste pores. The majority of oval papillae on the dorsal surface of the tongue contained multidirectional surface grooves and lacked taste pores. The foliate papillae, located principally on the caudal third and lateral part of the tongue, were comprised of four to five leaves and they had additional pseudopapillae. The two vallate papillae, found in the caudal third and dorsum of the tongue, had a well-defined vallum and pseudopapillae on their surface. At the root of the tongue, two types of conical papillae with or without apex were observed. The entire area covered by conical papillae was deeply occupied by lingual tonsils. The lingual tonsils were scattered with varying sized lymph nodules in the propria mucosa of the conical papillae deep to epithelium. Functionally, the filiform and conical papillae appeared to have a mechanical role whereas fungiform, foliate, and vallate papillae apparently perform a gustatory role in the pig. The tonsillar location at the root of the tongue provides an ideal experimental model for immunohistological and immunological studies on the lymphoid tissue in man.
DOI 10.1002/jemt.20036

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