Positron beam study of annealed silicon nitride films



Title Positron beam study of annealed silicon nitride films
Author(s) D. Landheer, G. C. Aers, G. I. Sproule, Derek W. Lawther, P. J. Simpson, G. R. Massoumi, S. Y. Tong
Journal Journal of Applied Physics
Date 1996
Volume 79
Issue 5
Start page 2458
End page 2462
Abstract Positron annihilation spectroscopy has been used to study silicon nitride films grown by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition and annealed at different temperatures. For both silicon-rich and nitrogen-rich films, the positron line shape (S) parameter increases after annealing for 15 min at temperatures up to 700-800 degrees C. This is understood in terms of the fact that removal of the hydrogen by annealing leads to the presence of unpassivated silicon dangling bond sites and vacancy complexes. Annealing at higher temperatures leads to a reduction in the S parameter, consistent with further hydrogen removal producing unpassivated N- sites. (C) 1996 American Institute of Physics.

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