Mossbauer-effect study of nondimensional and ...



Title Mossbauer-effect study of nondimensional and 2-dimensional quasi-crystalline alloys in the Al-Pd-Fe system
Author(s) R. A. Dunlap, Z. Wang, Derek W. Lawther
Journal Solid State Communications
Date 1995
Volume 95
Issue 1
Start page 45
End page 47
Abstract Room temperature Fe-57 Mossbauer effect measurements of the one- and two-dimensional quasicrystalline phases of Al75Pd15Fe10 are reported. Both materials show Mossbauer spectra with asymmetric doublets which have been analyzed in terms of a distribution of quadrupole splittings, and in terms of a discrete expansion of quadrupole splittings. The one-dimensional material shows the following characteristics compared with the two-dimensional material; (1) a larger mean quadrupole splitting, (2) a more positive mean isomer shift and (3) a broader distribution of quadrupole splittings. These results indicate that the local Fe environments in the one-dimensional material are less isotropic than in the two-dimensional material and that this material is characterized by a higher concentration of open volume defects.

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