Representation of the vertical dimension in ...



Title Representation of the vertical dimension in cognitive maps
Author(s) Joan E. Foley, Annabel J. Cohen
Journal EDRA: Environmental Design Research Association
Date 1982
Volume 13
Start page 100
End page 104
Abstract 36 1st- and 36 4th-yr undergraduates of 2 levels of experience with a complex environment estimated distances between all pairs of 7 locations drawn from 1 of 3 contexts varying in relative salience of the vertical over the horizontal plane. Subsequently, Ss provided ratings of their extent of use of 4 types of imagery. Results indicate veridicality of the mental representation of the vertical plane. Increased experience produced less concrete experiential and more abstract imagery. These results support the notion that cognitive maps comprise multiple encodings, including 3-dimensional models of the environment that develop with experience.

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