The brain rotation and brain diffusion strategies of ...



Title The brain rotation and brain diffusion strategies of small islanders: considering 'movement' in lieu of 'place'
Author(s) Godfrey Baldacchino
Journal Globalisation, Societies and Education
Date 2006
Volume 4
Issue 1
Start page 143
End page 154
Abstract The 'brain drain' phenomenon is typically seen as a zero-sum game, where one party's gain is presumed to be another's drain. This corresponds to deep-seated assumptions about what is 'home' & what is 'away'. This article challenges the view, driven by much 'brain drain' literature, that the dynamic is an epi-phenomenon of the relationship between neo-liberal globalisation & education. Instead, the article invites a consideration of an alternative, cyclical & multiple migration model, both to properly explain at least some of the more contemporary patterns of human traffic across frontiers, as well as to posit a more diffuse, positive-sum model of human capital flows. It does so by focusing on evidence gleaned from a set of territories that would appear, at face value, to be amongst the least likely to come up with dynamic examples of brain diffusion, brain cycles or brain rotation -- small islands. References. Adapted from the source document.
DOI 10.1080/14767720600555202
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