Leukotriene D4 and platelet-activating ...



Title Leukotriene D4 and platelet-activating factor-acether antagonists on allergic and arachidonic acid-induced reactions in guinea pig airways
Author(s) John F. Burka, H. Briand, P. Scott-Savage, F. M. Pasutto
Journal Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Date 1989
Volume 67
Issue 5
Start page 483
End page 490
Abstract Arachidonic acid (AA) and ovalbumin (OA) were used to induce contractions of sensitized guinea pig tracheal spiral (indomethacin-pretreated) and lung parenchymal strip preparations. This model was used to examine the properties of three leukotriene (LT) D4 antagonists and a platelet-activating factor (PAF)-acether receptor antagonist. The three LTD4 antagonists, L-649,923, FPL 57231, and LY163443, inhibited AA-induced contractions of indomethacin-pretreated tracheal spirals selectively. The PAF-acether antagonist, L-652,731, did not inhibit AA-induced contractions of either trachea or parenchyma. This confirmed that AA-induced contractions of trachea involved release and activity of LTD4. The LTD4 antagonists and L-652,731 partially inhibited OA-induced contractions of both trachea and parenchyma. When L-649,923 and L-652,731 or FPL 57231 and L-652,731 were combined, an additive inhibitory effect on OA-induced contractions was observed. When LY163443 and L-652,731 were combined, the inhibitory effect was synergistic. This may be due to the additional effect of LY163443 to inhibit phosphodiesterase. Total inhibition of OA-induced contractions was obtainable with relatively low concentrations when a LTD4 and PAF-acether antagonist were combined. These results suggested that LTD4 and PAF-acether may be the two major mediators in our model of allergic bronchospasm. The LTD4 and PAF-acether antagonists had the capacity to decrease baseline tone, even on tissues that were already relaxed with indomethacin, suggesting that LTD4 and PAF-acether may contribute to intrinsic tone in airway smooth muscle.

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