Highly efficient small interfering RNA delivery to ...



Title Highly efficient small interfering RNA delivery to primary mammalian neurons induces MicroRNA-like effects before mRNA degradation
Author(s) T. Jeffery Davidson, S. Harel, V. A. Arboleda, G. F. Prunell, M. L. Shelanski, L. A. Greene, C. M. Troy
Journal Journal of Neuroscience
Date 2004
Volume 24
Issue 45
Start page 10040
End page 10046
Abstract The study of protein function in neurons has been hindered by the lack of highly efficient, nontoxic methods of inducing RNA interference in such cells. Here we show that application of synthetic small interfering RNA( siRNA) linked to the vector peptide Penetratin1 results in rapid, highly efficient uptake of siRNA by entire populations of cultured primary mammalian hippocampal and sympathetic neurons. This treatment leads to specific knock-down of targeted proteins within hours without the toxicity associated with transfection. In contrast to current methods, our technique permits study of protein function across entire populations with minimal disturbance of complex cellular networks. Using this technique, we found that protein knock-down ( evident after 6 hr) precedes any decrease in targeted message ( evident after 24 hr), suggesting an early, translational repression by perfectly targeted siRNAs.
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