Influence of GnRH infusion on endocrine parameters ...



Title Influence of GnRH infusion on endocrine parameters and duration of postpartum anestrus in beef cows
Author(s) Robert M. Lofstedt, J. G. Manns, B. D. Murphy, W. D. Humphrey, R. J. Mapletoft
Journal Theriogenology
Date 1981
Volume 15
Issue 4
Start page 359
End page 377
Abstract The effect of an intravenous infusion of gonadotrophin releasing hormone (GnRH) on the duration of postpartum anestrus in suckled beef cows was studied. Twenty-eight, mature, suckled beef cows were assigned in equal numbers to one of four treatment groups which were based on infusion with saline or GnRH (15ug/hour for 12 hours) and stage postpartum (pp) (20 or 35 days). Serum LH and progesterone were determined by radioimmunoassay for the period which began 5 days pre-infusion and ended at 55 days postpartum (ie: 35 or 20 days post-infusion). Serum LH remained below 5ng/ml during infusion in all control cows. Peak serum LH values, times of LH peaks, and duration of LH responses (means +/- SE) during infusion were 49 +/- 12 ng/ml, 162 +/- 42 minutes and 7.8 +/- 1.3 hours for the 20 day group and 44 +/- ng/ml, 144 +/- 6 minutes, and 8.2 +/- 1.1 hours for the 35 day group respectively. Serum progesterone levels indicated that the proportion of cows showing the onset of estrous cycles within 10 days of infusion was greater in the 20 day pp GnRH group (4/7) than the 20 day pp saline group (0/7) (p < .05) but was not significantly different between the 35 day pp GnRH (4/7) and 35 day pp saline (2/6) groups. The incidence of estrus was not affected by GnRH treatment and was 37% in all cows prior to 55 days pp. It was concluded that infusions of GnRH for 12 hours at a rate of 15 ug/hour could induce estrous cycles in suckled beef cows treated at 20 days postpartum.

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