The selenium status of dairy herds in Prince Edward ...



Title The selenium status of dairy herds in Prince Edward Island
Author(s) Jeffrey Wichtel, Gregory P. Keefe, John A. VanLeeuwen, Elizabeth Spangler, Mary A. McNiven, Timothy H. Ogilvie
Journal The Canadian Veterinary Journal. La Revue Veterinaire Canadienne
Date 2004
Volume 45
Issue 2
Start page 124
End page 132
Abstract Bulk tank milk selenium (Se) concentration was compared with mean serum Se concentration in 15 herds and was found to be an accurate reflection of the herd Se status. The Se status of 109 Prince Edward Island (PEI) dairy herds was monitored for 1 year using bulk tank milk Se concentration. Fifty-nine percent of the herds surveyed were, at some point, found to be marginal or deficient in Se, putting them at risk of disease and suboptimal production. The periods of greatest risk of deficiency were fall and winter, at which time 5% and 4%, respectively, of herds sampled fell in the range considered truly deficient in Se. Herds in which Se supplementation was provided in the form of a commercial dairy concentrate were over 4 times more likely to be Se-adequate than herds not using this method, and adjusted average daily milk yield was 7.6% greater in herds determined to be Se-adequate when compared with Se-marginal herds. We conclude that many dairy producers in PEI are providing insufficient supplementary Se in the ration to meet the recommended Se intake for lactating cows.
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