Measures of estrus detection and pregnancy in dairy ...



Title Measures of estrus detection and pregnancy in dairy cows after administration of gonadotropin-releasing hormone within an estrus synchronization program based on prostaglandin F2 alpha
Author(s) S. J. LeBlanc, K. E. Leslie, H. J. Ceelen, D. F. Kelton, Gregory P. Keefe
Journal Journal of Dairy Science
Date 1998
Volume 81
Issue 2
Start page 375
End page 381
Abstract The objective of this study was to assess the use of GnRH in a controlled breeding program (7 d prior to the second of two injections of PGF2 alpha, 14 d apart) as a means to improve the expression and detection of estrus, first service conception rate, and overall pregnancy rate of lactating dairy cows. On 17 farms, 348 cows were assigned randomly to either of two breeding programs prior to first insemination. Cows in both programs received PGF2 alpha approximately 2 wk prior to the end of a herd-specific voluntary waiting period for breeding. One group received GnRH 1 wk later, 7 d prior to the second of two injections of PGF2 alpha. Control cows received saline and a second injection of PGF2 alpha at corresponding times. Cows were observed for 7 d and were bred by artificial insemination following detection of estrus. There were no differences between programs in estrus detection rate, observed signs of estrus, conception rate, days to first service, or interval from calving to conception. The means and standard deviations of the interval from PGF2 alpha to estrus were not different between programs. Administration of GnRH 1 wk prior to PGF2 alpha did not alter the expression of estrus or fertility in lactating dairy cows. In this study population, no advantage was found for the addition of GnRH to a controlled breeding program that was based on two administrations of PGF2 alpha at a 14-d interval.

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