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Title Causes of gastrointestinal colic in horses in western Canada: 604 cases (1992 to 2002)
Author(s) S. M. Abutarbush, J. L. Carmalt, R. W. Shoemaker
Journal The Canadian Veterinary Journal. La Revue Veterinaire Canadienne
Date 2005
Volume 46
Issue 9
Start page 800
End page 805
Abstract The medical records of equine gastrointestinal colic cases presented to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine between 1992 and 2002 are reviewed. There was no breed predisposition to colic. Geldings were more prone to colic than females and stallions. Overall, the 3 most common causes of colic were large colon impaction (20.8%), large colon displacement (16.5%), and spasmodic colic (11.7%), after excluding the 13% of cases in which the diagnosis was undetermined. Of the medical cases, large colon impaction (38.4%) and spasmodic colic (22.5%) were the most common. Of the surgical cases, large colon displacement (24.5%), large colon torsion (14.3%), and strangulating lipoma (13.5%) were the most common. Recovery rate for the medical cases was 93.6%. Recovery rate for surgical cases was 73.5%. In conclusion, most of the equine colic cases were medical, and the recovery rates for both surgical and medical cases were comparable with those of other studies.
PubMed Central ID PMC1187790

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