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Title Preservation of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) eyed eggs using a perfluorochemical as an oxygen carrier
Author(s) Gavin F. Richardson, Y. T. Gardiner, Mary A. McNiven
Journal Theriogenology
Date 2002
Volume 58
Issue 7
Start page 1283
End page 1290
Abstract The objective of this study was to maintain the viability of chilled rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) eyed eggs during storage using oxygenated perfluorochemical (PFC). Three trials were conducted using eggs at 161, 180 or 217 degree days (days from fertilization x incubation temperature in degrees C). A separate trial was conducted for 147 degree day eggs that were not at the eyed stage. For each trial, eggs were stored in a moisture-saturated atmosphere at 1 degrees C in PFC, water, and 1:1 combinations of PFC and PBS, PFC and 0.3 M glucose, PFC and mineral oil, or PFC and water. The PFC was oxygenated before each trial and all media were oxygenated at weekly intervals during the storage period. Eggs from each trial were also incubated without storage to provide Day 0 results. After 3 and 5 weeks of storage, eggs from each medium were incubated at 10 degrees C until hatch. Hatching percentage was expressed as a percentage of Day 0 results. The percentage of normal alevins that hatched was also determined. There were interactions (P < 0.01) between stage of development and treatment for hatching percentage after 3 and 5 weeks of storage. After 3 weeks of storage, eggs stored at 161, 180, or 217 degree days without PFC had hatching rates of 0-14.3% but eggs stored in any medium with PFC had hatching percentages from 75.1 to 106.4% of Day 0 values. After 5 weeks of storage, eggs stored at 161 degree days in PFC plus PBS or PFC plus water, and eggs stored at 217 degree days in PFC or PFC plus water, had higher (P < 0.05) hatching percentages than eggs stored in any of the other media. Eggs stored at 161 degree days for 5 weeks in PFC and water had a higher (P < 0.05) percentage of normal alevins hatching than eggs stored in PFC and PBS. Because of their early developmental stage, eggs stored at 147 degree days had low hatching percentages, except eggs stored for 3 weeks in PFC or PFC plus PBS. Chilling eyed eggs of rainbow trout to 1 degrees C and storing them in water with PFC as an oxygen carrier can preserve their viability for 5 weeks.

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