A diluent for prolonged motility of ocean pout ...



Title A diluent for prolonged motility of ocean pout (Macrozoarces americanus L.) sperm
Author(s) Z. Yao, Gavin F. Richardson, L. W. Crim
Journal Aquaculture
Date 1999
Volume 174
Issue 1-2
Start page 183
End page 193
Abstract The present study describes a new semen diluent (diluent C) which prolongs the sustained motility of ocean pout sperm, a distinguishing feature of the sperm of internally fertilizing teleosts. Sperm motilities were compared in the new diluent (C), based on the ionic composition of ocean pout seminal plasma, vs. four other semen diluents (A, B, D and E) ordinarily used for extending the semen of external fertilizers. While sperm retained motility after extension of ocean pout semen in all of these diluents, motility was significantly reduced following sperm resuspension in diluents B and D. Since sperm motility remained high in diluent C, formulated to closely mimic the composition of ocean pout seminal plasma, it was selected for additional experimentation. Negative effects were observed on sperm motility after dilution (> 1:10) of ocean pout semen with diluent C, but sperm motility could be restored by replacement of the seminal plasma. Of practical importance for storage of ocean pout sperm at 4 degrees C, it was shown that semen dilution 1:3 in diluent C preserved sperm motility beyond 5 days. Although ocean pout sperm tolerate a fairly wide range of K+ levels (0-30 mmol/l), the best motility was observed from 10-20 mmol/l [K+], similar to the ionic levels found in seminal plasma. Finally, since no change in fertility of ocean pout sperm occurred following 1:3 dilution of semen in diluent C, we conclude that diluent C is an effective medium for in vitro artificial egg insemination and prolonged motility of ocean pout sperm. (C) 1999 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.

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