Bilateral hypoplasia of the soft palate in a foal



Title Bilateral hypoplasia of the soft palate in a foal
Author(s) Christopher B. Riley, J. V. Yovich, J. R. Bolton
Journal Australian Veterinary Journal
Date 1991
Volume 68
Issue 5
Start page 178
End page 179
Abstract Bilateral hypoplasia of the soft palate and aspiration pneumonia occurred in a Standardbred foal. The filly was presented with a history of illthrift, dyspnoea, coughing and bilateral nasal discharge. Abnormal sounds (crackels and wheezes) were auscultated over all lung fields and the cervical trachea. Endoscopy revealed a shortened soft palate with a uvula-like mass protruding from the free border into the nasopharynx. Mucopurulent material was present in the trachea. Samples obtained by tracheal wash were submitted for cytology, culture and sensitivity testing. Results indicated a septic inflammatory process. On lateral radiographs of the thorax there were patchy areas of consolidation and air bronchograms. The foal was euthanased. Necropsy confirmed the presence of a palatal defect and aspiration pneumonia of moderate severity. No other congenital abnormalities were present.

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