Urine-blood carbon dioxide tension gradient in ...



Title Urine-blood carbon dioxide tension gradient in healthy dogs
Author(s) Darcy H. Shaw
Journal American Journal of Veterinary Research
Date 1991
Volume 52
Issue 2
Start page 236
End page 238
Abstract The urine-blood carbon dioxide tension (PCO2) gradient was measured in 10 healthy mature Beagles after alkalinization of the urine by administration of sodium bicarbonate. The mean (+/- SD) urine-blood PCO2 gradient was 65.92 +/- 14.42 mm of Hg, with range of 38.2 to 82.2 mm of Hg. Mean urine PCO2 was 110.21 +/- 14.19 mm of Hg, with range of 84.1 to 127.3 mm of Hg. Because urine-blood PCO 2 gradient less than 30.0 mm of Hg or urine PCO2 less than 55 mm of Hg in people is diagnostic for a defect in distal nephron acidification, similar values might be applicable to diseases in dogs.

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