Postmortem eyefluid analysis in dogs, cats and ...



Title Postmortem eyefluid analysis in dogs, cats and cattle as an estimate of antemortem serum chemistry profiles
Author(s) Paul E. Hanna, James E. C. Bellamy, A. Donald
Journal Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research = Revue Canadienne de Recherche Veterinaire
Date 1990
Volume 54
Issue 4
Start page 487
End page 494
Abstract This study was carried out to determine the diagnostic usefulness of postmortem eyefluid analysis in estimating antemortem concentrations of serochemical constituents. A total of 31 cattle, 18 dogs and 22 cats were selected from routine elective euthanasia submissions to a diagnostic laboratory. For all cases, a biochemical profile, including determinations for electrolytes, glucose, urea, creatinine, enzymes, cholesterol, bilirubin, protein and osmolality was performed on antemortem serum, and postmortem aqueous and vitreous humors at 0 and 24 h incubation periods. The association between serum and postmortem eyefluid chemistry values was examined using simple linear regression. A strong correlation between serum and postmortem eyefluid urea and creatinine concentrations was demonstrated in the three species examined over a 24 h postmortem interval. We concluded that an accurate estimate of antemortem serum urea or creatinine can be made from the analysis of aqueous or vitreous fluid at necropsy. An estimation of antemortem serum electrolytes (including calcium in cattle) cannot be made with a high degree of accuracy due to the amount of variability in the relationship between serum and eyefluid electrolyte values. For large molecules such as proteins, enzymes, cholesterol and bilirubin there was very poor correlation between serum and eyefluid values.

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