Phylogenetic study and identification of Vibrio ...



Title Phylogenetic study and identification of Vibrio splendidus-related strains based on gyrB gene sequences
Author(s) F. Le Roux, M. Gay, C. Lambert, J. L. Nicolas, M. Gouy, F. C. J. Berthe
Journal Diseases of Aquatic Organisms
Date 2004
Volume 58
Issue 2-3
Start page 143
End page 150
Abstract Different strains related to Vibrio splendidus have been associated with infection of aquatic animals. An epidemiological study of V. splendidus strains associated with Crassostrea gigas mortalities demonstrated genetic diversity within this group and suggested its polyphyletic nature. Recently 4 species, V. lentus, V. chagasii, V. pomeroyi and V. kanaloae, phenotypically related to V. splendidus, have been described, although biochemical methods do not clearly discriminate species within this group. Here, we propose a polyphasic approach to investigate their taxonomic relationships. Phylogenetic analysis of V. splendidus-related strains was carried out using the nucleotide sequences of 16S ribosomal DNA (16S rDNA) and gyrase B subunit (gyrB) genes. Species delineation based on 16S rDNA-sequencing is limited because of divergence between cistrons, roughly equivalent to divergence between strains. Despite a high level of sequence similarity, strains were separated into 2 clades. In the phylogenetic tree constructed on the basis of gyrB gene sequences, strains were separated into 5 independent clusters containing V. splendidus, V. lentus, V. chagasii-type strains and a putative new genomic species. This phylogenetic grouping was almost congruent with that based on DNA-DNA hybridisation analysis. V. pomeroyi, V. kanaloae and V. tasmaniensis-type strains clustered together in a fifth clade. The gyrB gene-sequencing approach is discussed as an alternative for investigating the taxonomy of Vibrio species.
DOI 10.3354/dao058143
PubMed ID 15109135
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