Ultrastructural development of the sarcocyst of ...



Title Ultrastructural development of the sarcocyst of Sarcocystis rauschorum (Apicomplexa: Sarcocystidae) in the varying lemming Dicrostonyx richardsoni
Author(s) D. L. Friesen, Richard J. Cawthorn, C. A. Speer, R. J. Brooks
Journal The Journal of Parasitology
Date 1989
Volume 75
Issue 3
Start page 422
End page 427
Abstract The development of the sarcocyst of Sarcocystis rauschorum in its intermediate host was studied. Lemmings were orally administered sporocysts of S. rauschorum obtained from snowy owls (Nyctea scandiaca). Beginning at 9 days postinoculation (DPI) and at various intervals to 84 DPI, skeletal muscle tissue taken from the infected lemmings was examined by electron microscopy. At 9 DPI the sarcocysts contained few metrocytes and the cyst wall was flat. The metrocytes underwent endodyogeny, and within a few days the cyst wall of the rapidly growing sarcocyst developed numerous tubulovesicular invaginations into the electron-dense layer, and the wall had a few irregular infoldings. By 21 DPI, banana-shaped bradyzoites appeared, and by 84 DPI the mature cysts were filled with bradyzoites in groups subdivided by septa and by deep infoldings of the cyst wall. The fine structure of the wall remained simple throughout maturation, with no conspicuous invagination or protrusion. The sarcocyst produced in response to S. rauschorum is unlike those from many species of Sarcocystis, which have complex walls that change markedly as the sarcocysts mature; however, its simple appearance is similar to other species that have rodents as intermediate hosts and raptorial birds as definitive hosts.
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