In vitro excystation of Sarcocystis capracanis, ...



Title In vitro excystation of Sarcocystis capracanis, Sarcocystis cruzi and Sarcocystis tenella (Apicomplexa)
Author(s) Richard J. Cawthorn, D. W. Reduker, C. A. Speer, J. P. Dubey
Journal The Journal of Parasitology
Date 1986
Volume 72
Issue 6
Start page 880
End page 884
Abstract Improved rates of in vitro excystation of sporozoites from sporocysts of Sarcocystis capracanis, Sarcocystis cruzi, and Sarcocystis tenella were obtained by pretreating sporocysts with an aqueous sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) solution followed by incubation in excysting fluid (EF). After pretreatment with NaOCl, sporocysts were washed 4 times in Hanks' balanced salt solution and then incubated in various EF (pH 7.4) at 38.5 C in 5% CO2-95% air. Maximum rates of excystation (free sporozoites/(sporozoites in sporocysts + free sporozoites) X 100) for all 3 species of Sarcocystis occurred at 4 hr after incubation in EF. These rates were 17% for S. capracanis after incubation in EF containing 2% trypsin + 10% caprine bile; 90% for S. cruzi in 2% trypsin + 10% bovine bile; and 20% for S. tenella in 2% trypsin + 10% caprine bile. Only a 40% excystation rate occurred in sporocysts of S. cruzi that had been stored previously for 14 days in aqueous potassium dichromate. Excysted sporozoites of S. capracanis, S. cruzi, and S. tenella penetrated and developed to mature meronts in bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells or bovine monocytes.
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