Pathology of Sarcocystis campestris infection in ...



Title Pathology of Sarcocystis campestris infection in Richardson's ground squirrels (Spermophilus richardsoni)
Author(s) G. Wobeser, Richard J. Cawthorn, A. A. Gajadhar
Journal Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine. Revue Canadienne de Medecine Comparee
Date 1983
Volume 47
Issue 2
Start page 198
End page 202
Abstract Richardson's ground squirrels were infected with 1500 or 9000 sporocysts of Sarcocystis campestris from badgers. No lesions were found in animals killed one to three days postinfection (pi). Hepatitis and phlebitis of hepatic veins were present in animals killed between four and eight days pi. No meronts were detected in these animals, but the lesions suggested that a generation of merogony occurred in the hepatic veins. Meronts were found in endothelial cells in many tissues beginning on day 9 pi. They were most numerous on day 10 pi, and less so on day 11, and subsequently. Meronts were most numerous in the lung; none was found in liver or spleen. Four of ten squirrels infected with 1500 sporocysts in one trial died between days 11 and 13 pi. There were petechial hemorrhages in skeletal muscle, lung, serosal membranes, and brain in these animals, with microscopic evidence of pulmonary, myocardial, and brain injury. One animal infected with 9000 sporocysts had petechiae in the liver at six days pi. Foci of inflammation were visible in the myocardium and brain of animals killed to 64 days pi. This species may serve as an experimental model for sarcocystosis in domestic animals.

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