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Title Reference ranges for chemical and cellular constituents of hemolymph from "healthy" lobsters (Homarus americanus)
Author(s) Barbara S. Horney, A. L. MacKenzie, Richard J. Cawthorn, C. C. Morris, K. Larry Hammell, R. MacMillan
Related item Annual Meeting of the National Shellfisheries Association, Halifax, NS (Canada), April 18-22, 1999
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Date 1999
Abstract Reference ranges for blood chemical and cellular components in the "healthy" population of interest are required to identify alterations in individuals in association with disease and disorders. The purpose of this study was to determine reference ranges for various constituents of hemolymph from visually healthy lobsters (Homarus americanus). Hemolymph was collected from the ventral sinus from 5 different groups of freshly caught, pound held or laboratory maintained animals. The mean weight and carapace length of these groups ranged from 298 to 614 grams and 72 to 90 cm respectively. Chemical assays included measurement of the concentrations of sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, glucose, cholesterol, lactate and total protein and the activities of amylase, alanine amino transferase, aspartate amino transferase, alkaline phosphatase, lactate dehydrogenase and arginine kinase on an automated chemistry analyzer. Total solids protein was measured by refractometer and freezing point osmolality was also measured. Hemocyte numbers were evaluated manually and by an automated cell counter. The results are reported as mean +/- SD of each parameter for each group of lobsters. Comparisons of assay results are made between male and female animals, between groups, and between test methods. This collected data of hemolymph parameters in health is valuable in the identification of hemolymph alterations associated with disease or poor survivability of lobsters.

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