Using molecules to diagnose Perkinsus species and ...



Title Using molecules to diagnose Perkinsus species and determine the affinities of parasites of uncertain phylogenetic affinities from fish and shellfish
Author(s) C. L. Goggin, Richard J. Cawthorn
Journal 1994 Annu. Meet. of the National Shellfisheries Assoc., Charleston, SC (USA), 24-28 Apr 1994, Journal of Shellfish Research
Date 1994
Volume 13
Issue 1
Start page 296
Abstract The status of Perkinsus parasites continues to challenge scientists. Are they fungi or protistans? Are they apicomplexans? How many species of Perkinsus exist? Molecular biology is a powerful tool which has been used to address these questions of taxonomy and phylogeny. In particular, nucleotide sequence data from the internal transcribed spacers in the ribosomal RNA gene cluster differ between some described Perkinsus species and data from the small subunit of this gene cluster have indicated the phylogenetic affinities of the Perkinsea. We will discuss our current project which uses data from the ribosomal RNA gene cluster to investigate the taxonomy of Perkinsus parasites found in Canadian and American shellfish and determine their affinities to protistan parasites of uncertain phylogeny, including Dermocystidium spp. from fish and Labyrinthuloides haliotidis from abalone.

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