Activity of closantel against experimentally induced ...



Title Activity of closantel against experimentally induced Fascioloides magna infection in sheep
Author(s) B. E. Stromberg, J. C. Schlotthauer, B. P. Seibert, Gary A. Conboy, K. M. Newcomb
Journal American Journal of Veterinary Research
Date 1985
Volume 46
Issue 12
Start page 2527
End page 2529
Abstract The efficacy of closantel against experimentally induced Fascioloides magna infection in sheep was studied. In each of 3 experiments, closantel was administered 8 weeks after the sheep were given (oral inoculation) 100 metacercariae of F magna. In the 1st experiment, closantel was given orally to 5 groups of 6 sheep each at dosages of 0 (nontreated control), 5, 7.5, 10, and 15 mg/kg of body weight. In the 2nd and 3rd experiments, groups of 10 or 12 sheep were treated to confirm the efficacy of the previously determined optimal dosage of 15 mg/kg. An additional group of sheep (n = 10) was used in the 3rd experiment to evaluate the efficacy of closantel given IM at a dosage of 7.5 mg/kg. Closantel given orally at a dosage level of 15 mg/kg was highly effective (94.6% to 97.7%) in reducing F magna burdens. Also, pathologic scores associated with the F magna infection were reduced by 81.3% to 92.6% in sheep given this dosage of closantel. Efficacy of the IM administered dosage of 7.5 mg of drug/kg was equivalent to that of the 15 mg/kg oral dosage. Other than mild, transient lameness of the limbs which were injected with the drug (group 10), side effects were not observed.

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