Proliferative pododermatitis associated with ...



Title Proliferative pododermatitis associated with virus-like particles in a northern gannet
Author(s) Pierre Y. Daoust, D. Wadowska, Frederick S. B. Kibenge, R. P. Campagnoli, K. S. Latimer, B. W. Ritchie
Journal Journal of Wildlife Diseases
Date 2000
Volume 36
Issue 2
Start page 378
End page 382
Abstract Small multifocal lesions of proliferative pododermatitis were observed in an emaciated adult male northern gannet (Morus bassanus). Ultrastructurally, these lesions were associated with numerous virus-like particles with a size and morphology suggestive of Papovaviridae. DNA in situ hybridization with probes for avian polyomaviral and papillomaviral nucleic acid and an immunohistochemical test for the presence of papillomaviral antigen failed to identify this virus further. To our knowledge, papovavirus-like particles have not been recognized previously in this avian species.

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