Increased glucose phosphorylating activity ...



Title Increased glucose phosphorylating activity correlates with insulin secretory capacity of male JCR: LA-corpulent rat islets
Author(s) Catherine B. Chan, R. M. MacPhail, Molly J. T. Kibenge, J. C. Russell
Journal Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
Date 1995
Volume 73
Issue 4
Start page 501
End page 508
Abstract In this study the glucose responsiveness of isolated, overnight-cultured islets of obese LA/N-corpulent (cp/cp) rats was compared with glucose phosphorylating activity to determine whether changes in the function of glucokinase could be identified. Islets from both male and female cp/cp rats showed a left-shifted concentration response to glucose, with EC50 values of 1.5 and 4.6 mM, respectively, compared with 9.2 mM for lean control islets. Islets from cp/cp rats were partially resistant to inhibition by mannoheptulose, a glucokinase inhibitor. Minimum inhibitory concentrations were 10 mM in cp/cp vs. 3 mM in lean rat islets. Glucose phosphorylating potential was markedly increased in islets of male cp/cp, but not female cp/cp, compared with lean rats. The maximal velocity (Vmax) of hexokinase was increased 5-fold, while the Km of glucokinase was significantly decreased, in male cp/cp compared with the lean control islets(3.6 vs. 35.2 mM). The Km for glucokinase was also decreased in female cp/cp rat islets (17.2 mM). The data from male cp/cp rat islets are consistent with the idea that increased glucose phosphorylation capacity can contribute to insulin hypersecretion and an extreme leftward shift in the concentration-response curve. However, other factors must also be considered because female cp/cp rats have moderately increased insulin secretory capacity without marked changes in total glucose phosphorylating capacity.

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