Comparison of eight different procedures for ...



Title Comparison of eight different procedures for harvesting avian reoviruses grown in Vero cells
Author(s) Y. Drastini, Frederick S. B. Kibenge, P. K. McKenna, Alfonso Lopez
Journal Journal of Virological Methods
Date 1992
Volume 39
Issue 3
Start page 269
End page 278
Abstract 14 avian reovirus isolates adapted to replicate in an African green monkey (Vero) cell line were studied for the nature of their replication. The growth curves of 5 viruses showed them to be highly cell-associated in Vero cells. Different procedures were examined for releasing the cell-associated virus following propagation in Vero cells, including several freeze-thaw cycles, treatment with sterile distilled deionized water (ddH2O), freon extraction, and trypsin treatment. Treatment of virus infected cultures with ddH2O was the most effective, and trypsin treatment was the least effective procedure for dissociation of virus from cells. Treatment of virus infected cultures with ddH2O is a simple and effective procedure which can be used where large amounts of virus are required for experimental purposes.

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