Analysis of the immunodominant antigens of ...



Title Analysis of the immunodominant antigens of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis
Author(s) C. A. Muckle, P. I. Menzies, Y. Li, Y. T. Hwang, M. van Wesenbeeck
Journal Veterinary Microbiology
Date 1992
Volume 30
Issue 1
Start page 47
Abstract Antibodies to seven antigens in a whole cell lysate of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis ranging in molecular mass from 22 to 120 kilodaltons (kDa) were present in sera of 40 sheep and goats infected with C. pseudotuberculosis. Three antigens of about 120, 68, and 31.5 kDa in size were consistently detected with sera from all animals and twenty-two sera had antibodies to 64, 43, 40, and 22 kDa antigens. None of these antigens were detected by sera from 160 sheep in a C. pseudotuberculosis-free research flock. An NaCl extract of C. pseudotuberculosis cells contained one major protein of about 31.5 kDa and four minor proteins of 68, 64, 43, and 22 kDa in molecular mass as shown by Coomassie Blue staining. Immunoblot analysis demonstrated that the three immunodominant antigens identified in the whole cell extract were contained in the NaCl extract. The 31.5-kDa protein was purified from the NaCl extract by fast-protein liquid chromatography gel filtration to near homogeneity. The purified 31.5-kDa protein showed phospholipase D activity as indicated by synergistic hemolysis with Rhodococcus equi factors and sphingomyelinase activity. The 31.5-kDa protein reacted with antibodies in serum from a sheep naturally infected with C. pseudotuberculosis. This serum also had phospholipase D neutralizing activity. On the basis of its molecular mass, biological activity, N-terminal amino acid sequence analysis, and immunoreactivity, the 31.5-kDa protein was identified as the phospholipase D exotoxin of C. pseudotuberculosis.
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